Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Who typically takes your classes?

A:  There is no one typical student, but classes are designed specifically for gifted home-schooled students; they are project-based and oriented around critical thinking skills.

Q:  What makes your classes different?

A:  Contact with the professor and quality of the curriculum and resources provided.  At any step of the way, students/parents can contact the professor for clarification, questions or suggestions.  This is not a faceless online class; if you have a problem or need help, your professor is available for you!  Additionally, the course designer has experience and is specialized in curriculum and instruction, so the quality of the classes and resources is high, geared towards higher-order thinking skills and application.

Q:  What sort of documentation do I get when I complete a course?

A:  Upon completion, you can download a formal transcript of the courses you have taken.  In the case of the AP-style classes, this is an invaluable tool for your college-bound home-schooled student!

Q.  Do I have to purchase anything to take the class (other than the class itself)?

A.  Where possible, HoneyFern will use open-source materials so that you need not purchase additional materials; however, in the case of more modern fiction, you may need to purchase novels, and there are links to those in the student store.  Your local library may carry most of the titles used, so always check there first! In the case of AP classes, there are textbooks and other materials that are needed, but they can be purchased used; please also see the student store for purchasing options.

Q:  What if there is a class I would like to take but I don't see it in your catalog?

A:  Please send any class ideas or suggestions to  I can design a specific class or series of classes just for you!

 Q: Does my online class include a weekly class meeting?

A: Most classes are designed to be completed as an independent study, with your instructor always available via email to answer questions and provide any additional information. For the AP classes, if you register with a group of five or more, your class will include a weekly, online class through Elluminate; this class will be approximately one and a half hours in length and will be a mandatory requirement for course completion. For students local to Marietta, GA, there is a possibility of a once weekly face-to-face meeting for classes of five or more students; please contact HoneyFern for more information on either option (online weekly class and/or face-to-face meeting).