Who is HoneyFern?


Suzannah Kolbeck is the executive director of HoneyFern, Inc., a non-profit organization whose mission is to create a community that cultivates caring, intelligent and curious learners who indulge in deep thought, study and discussion, exploring what intrigues them in a way that is productive, responsive, creative and unique to them.  HoneyFern specializes in curriculum design that considers the whole student - their interests, abilities and goals.

Suzannah has over a decade of experience in public schools, teaching and learning with gifted students.   After becoming a VISTA volunteer implementing service-learning projects in Seatle public schools, Suzannah fell in love with teaching and earned her Master's degree in education at Antioch University Seattle.   Suzannah founded HoneyFern to offer an alternative to private school, providing consulting and online classes to homeschooling parents and students all over the country and also offering instruction on her farm to a small group of local students.

HoneyFern in based in Marietta, Georgia by way of Middletown, Maryland and Seattle, Washington.  Stop by and feed the chickens if you're in the area, or just visit on the web at www.honeyfern.org!